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Laser Scanning Book


Mr Ben Warner-Michel, Senior Clinical Vascular Scientist
and Mr Klaus Bond, Chief Vascular Scientist

Seven Vascular Duplex Modules have been carefully designed by Mr Ben Warner-Michel and approved by Mr Klaus Bond with the Society of Vascular Technology of Great Britain and Ireland accreditation requirements and the Vascular Surgical Curriculum in mind.  These are intended as a theoretical basis for vascular duplex training,

to be reviewed before commencing practical vascular duplex training.

M1: Monday 18th May 2020

Fundamentals of Ultrasound

M2: Tuesday 16th June 2020

Doppler Ultrasound, Duplex imaging and Common Ultrasound Artefacts

M3: Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Vascular Ultrasound 1 - An Introduction to Peripheral & Extracranial Arterial Imaging.

This session will cover AAAs, arterial duplex, EVAR, pseudoaneurysms and carotid duplex.

M4: Thursday 9th July

Vascular Ultrasound 2 - An Introduction to Peripheral Venous Imaging & Vein Mapping

This session will cover DVT, venous insufficiency, iliac venous stents, vein mapping and marking.

M5: Thursday 30th July 2020

The Buttons!

Ultrasound Machine Settings, Layout & Optimisation.

M6: Wednesday 25th October 2020

Haemodialysis, Vascular Access and  Arteriovenous fistulas

This modules covers several of the components in the

Vascular Access and Renovascular Disease/Transplantation sections of the UK Vascular Surgical curriculum

M7: Tuesday 6th May 2021

Extracranial Duplex Imaging:

NASCET/ECST Grading, PSV ratios, Pitfalls and limitations

Duplex Modules: About



Ben initially studied Biomedicine and Genetics at Newcastle University before enrolling in the Scientist Training Programme (STP) in 2016 and completed a 3-year MSc in Clinical Vascular Science at Newcastle University whilst training at the Jackie Walton Vascular Studies Unit (VSU) as a Vascular Scientist.


During this time he was awarded a research grant by the Society for Vascular Technology for Great Britain and Ireland for a study into the application of three-dimensional ultrasound imaging for routine abdominal aortic aneurysm surveillance, alongside Chief Vascular Scientist Mr Klaus Bond and Consultant Vascular Surgeons, Mr Regent Lee & Professor Ashok Handa.

After completing the STP and accepting a position as Senior Clinical Vascular Scientist within the OUH Trust, Ben became Teaching and Training Lead, teaching both A-level students, MedSoc students (STEM) and teaching ultrasound physics to the Junior Scientists within the VSU and teaching Fundamentals of Vascular Ultrasound to the Oxford University medical students.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, Ben created the above Vascular Duplex Modules for The Oxford Vascular Collaterals on the Fundamentals of Duplex Ultrasound and its use in Vascular Imaging.  

Ben will be departing the OUH Trust in Dec 2020 but hopes to continue teaching and contributing the The OVCs in the future. Ben will be continuing his passion for all things Ultrasound (along with all things Marvel) in Manchester for now”

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